Sell your property with the use of a drone

Want to sell your property? There’s no better way than the use of a drone. The only thing that you’ve really got when trying to sell your property is the use of images, video and the written word and if you’re really wanting to put some effort in – you’re going to want to maximise all three. That’s maximising photography skills and ensuring the best angles to highlight the areas of your property, creating an accurate and inviting written description and finally using well planned and created video to give further detail that images just can’t capture. The latter should be done with the use of a high quality, stabilised camera – or if you’re really wanting to make something of it – a drone for a comprehensive view of the property.

A birds eye view

There’s something about aerial photography that captures an area so well to give a true reflection of the surroundings and what the area immediate of a property feels like. Honestly is always the best policy when it comes to the sale of a property and with video is general it is very hard to fake. Most people will trust the eye of a video camera much more than a still shot that could be easily edited or cleverly positioned to make small spaces look larger – I’m sure we’ve all seen some pretty horrendous examples in the past when looking at properties. But the eye in the sky, a birds eye view of your property in video form with show everything, including the angles that other sellers won’t be able to see. With an inspection-like procedure, potential buyers will be able to see the condition of the brickwork, the roof, the chimney – and depending on the size of the property – maybe even a flyby of the inside of the building. With warts and all shown, everyone knows exactly what they’re selling and what they’re buying – so there’s no need to hit roadblocks further down the line when it comes to buying.

How to get aerial images

Aerial images are becoming more and more popular and by default, easier and easier to capture with the increase in availability. If you’re wanting to take some aerial shots to go with your property, we suggest heading out for a professional so that you won’t have to lay down some heavy investment costs in purchasing your own photography drone and learning to fly. By all means if aerial photography may be a hobby or interest, there’s nothing stopping you. But for a one-off one-time purchase, a professional with a drone may be the best plan of action.