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  • On the job with the Buzzfeed team shooting a video for the Singapore Tourism Board
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We are a leading, experienced provider of Aerial Photography and Drone Video services based in Singapore, with a dedicated team of highly skilled drone pilots.

Using the latest drone platforms, we provide aerial photos and videos for hotels, real estate, maritime industry, broadcast and many other industrial and commercial purposes.

We are proud to have worked on aerial filming projects for almost all of the major property firms in Singapore, as well as production houses of all sizes.

Our drone video footage has been shown both in Singapore and internationally on TV, in commercials, online, in corporate videos, etc. 

Our drone photography work has been used in print, outdoor advertising, as well as for industrial purposes such as progress reporting, inspections, etc.

Read on to find out why almost all of the major property firms & many other clients in Singapore choose to work with us. Our service distinction and reasonable pricing are just two of the key reasons.
A Member of Professional Aerial Photographers Association International
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Our Loyal Clients
 We take pride in delivering only the best. We are proud to have worked for many renowned brands and organisations, just to name a few: 
Singapore Airlines, OCBC, HSBC (HK), Singapore Tourism Board, Buzzfeed, Tencent, TVB Hong Kong,
Knight Frank, JLL, Cenizaro Hotels & Resorts, Far East Organisation,
McDermott International, PSA, Keppel Corp, Sinotrans Limited, Oxley Holdings, JTC.
Industries & Applications

Maritime & Shipping is highly experienced and skilled at shooting aerial photos and videos of vessels and maritime assets.

We have the eye for angles to make vessels look outstanding and impress our clients' stakeholders with powerful images and footages.

Maritime aerial photography work is high risk. We mitigate client risk by careful pre-planning, using the most experienced maritime shooting personnel we have, and through our deep local knowledge of the port operations in the areas we service. It is our goal to manage our clients' risks through our strong experience and local knowledge. We believe proper risk management is also our clients' goal.

Get in touch with us if you have a vessel or operation that requires drone photography or drone video.

Real Estate / Property is proud to have produced many property marketing photos and videos for our clients in the real estate industry.

We service the majority of real estate companies in Singapore. Our clients have come to trust us for our reliability, experience and strong local knowledge of the different neighbourhoods and property types in Singapore.

We manage client risks with our knowledge of local laws and regulations to ensure clients achieve great results while operating within the limits of the drone legal framework in Singapore.
We have the capabilities to produce a marketing video from end-to-end, providing you with a one-stop solution, should you also require ground video shooting services.

Events & Drone Live Feed

Having been involved in supporting many events with aerial photography and video filming, knows exactly what needs to be done to get the shots you want.

From large scale events such as the National Day Parade to intimate corporate and group functions, we have done them all.

We are also able to support events with drone live feed service. 

For example, during the 50th anniversary celebration for PSA Singapore, we provided the drone live feed of a container and human formation that broke the Guinness World of Records.

TV Commercials & Broadcast

We have provided drone support and value-added to the TVC productions for esteemed clients in both the public and private sectors, such as OCBC, NEA, MCCY, Anlene.

In addition, we have worked on projects such as TV documentaries where our drone video footage were used extensively.

We work in a collaborative manner with producers and directors, often providing suggestions on feasible locations and angles to fulfill client objectives. Our deep local knowledge and experience in navigating the legal drone framework allows us to achieve TVC directors' specific needs while managing client risks.

Travel & Tourism

Besides providing drone support to production houses for travel and tourism related aerial videos in Singapore, we have also worked on numerous overseas projects filming hotels and resorts. 

Our experience in shooting drone photos and video footage of hotels, resorts and tourism related businesses allows us to produce superior quality images and videos that helps our clients position their products and services above their competition sets.

Our work in shooting travel and tourism aerial videos have brought us to destinations all over the world, including the Maldives, Tanzania, Tunisia, Mauritius, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and more.
In Singapore, commercial drone operations must be conducted legally with an Operator Permit issued by the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) is a compliant operator with a valid Operator Permit since the UAV permit framework's launch in June 2015.
Licensed Drone Operator

We are proud to be one of the first licensed drone Operator Permit holders in Singapore under the CAAS permit framework. 

Legal & safety compliance in all our drone operations is extremely important to us as it protects our clients. 

In Singapore, it is not legal to operate a drone for commercial purposes without a proper permit and insurance coverage which we possess. This applies to operating a drone or UAV anywhere on land or over waters in Singapore. 

All commercial drone operations are to be carried out only by licensed drone operators with an Operator Permit, and an Activity Permit needs to be applied for each activity. Permits are assessed under stringent guidelines of CAAS and various government agencies.

In addition, since Feb 2021, all individual drone operators must possess a UAPL (Unmanned Aircraft Pilot License). Individuals without the UAPL are not permitted to carry out any commercial drone services.

When you hire us, we deliver what you need, while ensuring all regulations are adhered to. In addition, we are insured against 3rd party liabilities, thus giving you the peace of mind you need.
Proven Track Record 
Our clients always return to us because we have the ability to deliver what they require even when operating in challenging environments, or when they have tight deadlines to meet.

With experience going back to when the drone legal framework was first launched in Singapore, we are highly competent at ensuring clients' requirements are fully delivered on time while mitigating the environmental and regulatory constraints.

Our highly skilled drone operators have also flown in difficult and extreme conditions such as rough seas, high winds, in close proximity to subjects for TV commercials, and in areas which are heavily congested with tall buildings.
Massive Dynamic

We take pride in delivering Intelligent Designs and Engaging Experiences for clients all over the World.

Massive Dynamic

We take pride in delivering Intelligent Designs and Engaging Experiences for clients all over the World.

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In such cases, is probably not a good fit for you, because we fly drones for a living, and to make a living, we have to charge as professionals do.

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