Building inspection by air – it’s drone powered…

Say you’ve got a property, a building, a home or an office building and you’re suspect. Maybe something doesn’t sound right, maybe you’ve had a tip off that something needs attention or maybe it’s just general maintenance. But how do you inspect something that’s high up and dangerous to either reach or get to safely. What are your options? Luckily we live in a time where everything that we’ve ever needed to know, use or think about has been created for us – and building inspection has had a recent jump into the 21st century – bringing us into 2019 with a bang. With drone technology, you can create 3D airborne images from the comfort of your office on the ground with either a trained drone pilot or a controller of your own providing the investment to cash in on drone technology is adopted. That’s right – with drone power you can inspect a full building visually without having to move at all. No ladders, no scaffolding and no harnesses. Just fire it up and take off.

Just fire a camera in the air

Simple enough right? If you’re struggling to gain access to certain building features, whether it’s the roof of your home or the 42nd floor of an office building – drone photography can be the way forward to investigate property inspection. That’s a completely hands off approach that we’re a massive fan of, promoting views from otherwise unseen angles and a huge health and safety benefit. Health and Safety issues are completely minimal with not a single person lifted into the air – that’s a huge headache avoided with drone power and a massive weight off your shoulders to get the quality surveyance that you need. Although licenses and permits may be required, for the majority of tasks – there’s very little to go wrong, especially with an experienced drone pilot from an inspection company at the controls. With the ability to create 3D captures and detailed images of any specific area required, you can control the drone from to ground and view live images to inspect any area. Whether it’s brickwork, stonework, lightning conductors, restoration, chimneys, roof tiles, roof valleys, lead work and anything else that you may need – air powered inspection is the way forward.

How to do it?

There’s plenty of different ways to use aerial photography for building inspection and depending on the size of your organisation, the best methods may differ. We’d often suggest that hiring a professional with high quality imaging drone and experienced pilot would be the best plan of attack for most companies looking to explore using drones for building inspections.